Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Muscle and Strength

Anabolic steroids are popular for their muscle and strength gaining abilities in bodybuilders. But they are also known for the grisly side effects that cause kidney, liver and heart problems. Probably you have heard about Dianabol cycle that is becoming popular among professional athletes. Anadrol results are the best way to know about the working, effectiveness and side effects of Anadrol. Steroids are of two types either cutting or bulking. Bulking refers to extended muscle mass, strength along with quality diet plan. Whereas cutting is totally opposite that consists of weight loss plan, lean muscle building and low caloric diet plan. Well it is really hard to find the best legal steroids for bulking because there are countless out there each claiming to the best in the business. Here are few steroids with proper information that will surely lead you to a certain decision.

1.    Dianabol (D-Bal/ D-Bol)

Dianabol UK is known the oldest and the most potent steroid of all time. It is best known for its strength and stamina boosting features. D-bol helps to retain nitrogen in the body which improves muscle mass quickly. By enhancing energy and stamina, it aids to perform workouts with more drive and focus. If you are looking for bulking steroids then this steroid is the king of all. Most muscle freaks hesitate to use it because of the side effects. Remember no drug can harm you if you are using it properly. Take help from your physician and use the legal steroids alternatives that are available easily nowadays.

2.    Anadrol

Anadrol is a serious bulking agent that promotes the muscle growth by boosting the red cell production the body. It creates anabolic effects that increase oxygen transportation to muscle tissues. Note that Anadrol is very strong bulking steroids and professional bodybuilders use it with proper prescription to avoid side effects. A dosage of the steroid varies from person to person and has the ability to add 15-20 lbs of lean muscle mass in first cycle. Anadrol results can provide you efficient know how about the benefits of this potent steroid.

3.    Testosterone

Testosterone is male hormone known for improving sex abilities in men. Testosterone supplements are important part of both bulking and cutting cycles. They effectively improve recovery and promote lean muscle growth. Testosterone supplements have both anabolic and androgenic properties that enhance protein synthesis for maximum strength and reduce body fat effectively. Most people use these supplements for improving fertility and sex drive. Testosterones supplements are available in inject able, oral (pills) and gel form but pills are used worldwide.

4.    Anavar

Anavar is an excellent oral steroid used for strength and muscle mass goals. Probably it is expensive as compared to other steroids but the best thing about Anavar is that it is free from side effects. Female athletes can use it for its mild anabolic abilities. However the dosage is higher in men as compared to women. Anavar can be used in cutting cycle for lean muscle growth.

5.    Trenbolone

Trenbolone commonly known as tren is unique steroid with both bulking and cutting abilities. The best thing about tren is it promotes lean muscle growth and also helps to burn excess body fat. Users have reported of losing 20lbs fat while gaining 25lbs of muscle mass in 12 week cycle. But this steroid can be very dangerous when it comes to side effects. It can affect your heart seriously if misused. Health experts recommend not exceeding the cycle from 8-10 weeks.

6.    Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is one the most effective bulking steroids on planet earth. It is mostly stacked with other steroids to boost the effect and gain maximum benefits. It promotes muscle mass, strength and provides maximum joint support. A complete cycle of 12 weeks can add 30-40lbs but over dosage can cause you serious problems. It helps to retain water which is good for muscle mass improvement.

Legal steroids are free from side effects and are available with proper prescription. Most freaks receive nasty effects because they use maximum dosage in their cycles. In order to gain maximum benefits never use them without proper information. First of all consult your physician or gym instructor as they can guide you in a best way. Secondly if you feel any negative change in your body, immediately stop the usage and consult your physician. Before buying any product, read the proper manual available with the packing. Don’t get fooled by money back guarantee or free bottles advertisements. Remember one thing, every medicine is a drug but when you are using it according to the doctor’s prescription, you will get only benefits. Same is the case with legal steroids as they are beneficial when used within limits. Bulking steroids are powerful as compared to cutting due to their anabolic effects. So, be wise in selection and using of these steroids. Here are some tips to remember while aiming to build strong muscles.

  •     Protein is the basic need of muscles to growth properly. Animal proteins are more effective than plant proteins for muscles.
  •     Water is just like motor oil for body that keeps it running optimally.
  •     Simple sugars and post workout can boost your muscle gains.
  •     1gm of protein/body-weight is the least requirement for adequate muscle growth.

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